All these Giants losses are really starting to get to Eli Manning

LANDOVER, Md. — Eli Manning couldn’t hide the pain when he stepped up on the podium in the interview room.

His offense has crumbled around him, and he is being buried along with it, and he is as helpless as he has been since his rookie year 14 long seasons ago.

He admitted after Redskins 20, Giants 10 that this 2-9 season has left him emotionally worn out.

“Yeah, yeah, it definitely does,” Manning said. “It’s no fun losing, it’s no fun not scoring enough points offensively, so yeah, it can wear you out. It’ll test you, but just gotta keep going to the drawing board and find ways to play better and move the ball and score some points.”

The drawing board is as worn out as he is by now. Manning was asked if he takes all the losing personally.

“I think everybody takes it personally,” he said. “You always think about plays you could have made that made a difference. Yeah, it’s tough.”

He was 13-for-27 for 113 yards and a late interception. His 27-yard completion to Tavarres King one play before the pick was the Giants’ only gain longer then 20 yards.

“We just never got in great rhythm,” Manning said. “Combination of everybody — I had to hit some throws, guys had to win some, guys had to make some catches. Each play kinda has its own reason for not being successful.”

Manning clearly misses Sterling Shepard (migraines), who sat for a second straight game.

“He’s one of our go-to guys,” Manning said.

Asked if he ever thought his offense would average 16 points per game this season, Manning said: “Uh, no. I didn’t think that.”

Asked why the offense is so feeble, Manning said: “Missing some of our key players on offense, and it’s just tough to catch up and make up and make some of those plays from the playmakers that we lost.”