Steven Clendening: Work together, not at odds

First, I‘m a resident of Lafayette and have no stake in the debates between the city of Boulder, PUC or Xcel. I‘m a new Colorado resident and giving my impression of the ongoing debate to municipalize Boulder‘s electrical network. Perhaps some of this is old news.

I have contracted with Xcel to provide my home with 100 percent renewable energy utilizing Xcel‘s “Windsource” program. It costs me approximately $10 per month to receive 100 percent renewable electricity. I have also had Xcel install a Saver‘s Switch to control my A/C‘s timing and for this they refund me $40 per year. I have not noticed any change in my A/C‘s performance due to the use of the Saver‘s Switch device. Thus, it‘s cost me an extra $80 last year to provide my home with 100 percent renewable electricity; ($10 x 12)-$40 = $80.

Assuming Boulder has spent $20 million on studies and legal costs so far to municipalize their electrical network and there are 41,000 homes in Boulder; Boulder could have subsidized all it‘s homeowner‘s for approximately six years and achieved 100 percent renewable energy for all homeowners during those six years for the same $20 million investment, ($20 million/$80/year)/41K homes = 6.1 years.

Instead of fighting with Xcel and the PUC, perhaps Boulder might work with them to find more immediate solutions in providing its citizens with the worthy goal of 100 percent renewable energy. Just seems less stress and more cooperation might be good for both the environment and Boulder citizens. In addition, just as I have done, you don‘t need the city or litigation to provide renewable energy for your family; you have control of your energy usage and it‘s source.

Steven Clendening