The 3 dangerous scenarios which could see Brexit REVERSED

Fuelling fears a ‘Remainer coup’ is underway, three ways the UK’s democratic decision to leave the (EU) could be cancelled have been outlined. 

The hypothetical scenarios all start with the departure of Prime Minister , who is struggling to stamp her authority following a devastating loss of her majority in a snap General Election. 

One potential twist to block sees Labour win a snap election after Mrs May quits or is forced to leave by members of her own party. 

Bloomberg Business, who carried out the research, says would give Labour a chance to charm EU bosses. 


Scenarios which would see Brexit reversed have been outlined


The scenarios are based on the event Theresa May quits or is forced out as PM

Three ways the UK’s democratic decision to leave the EU could be cancelled have been outlined


Another scenario would see Mrs May replaced by a Remainer such as Philip Hammond, who the Tory party rally behind and eventually unite. 

This would also push anti-Brexit Conservatives to join forces with Labour and Liberal Democrats, to ultimately call another vote. 

The third and last twist, which would force a Brexit reversal, would see a new pro-Europe party emerge in direct response to the Tory party getting behind a hard-Leave backer, like Jacob Rees-Mogg or Boris Johnson.

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    Hammond is a Remainer

    The move would ultimately see the Tory party split over whether to carry on outside of the bloc or reapply for EU membership under a worse deal. 

    And this would cause a group of europhile Conservatives to split off from their loyalties and align themselves with Lib Dem politicians who form a new party to campaign to remain in the Brussels club.